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As a non-profit mission organization dedicated to serving Jesus Christ in our community, SMARM is seeking to partner with churches, individuals, businesses and organizations throughout Sevier County and the Smoky Mountain area to emphasize the love, mercy, and justice Christ sought for all people, including the needy of our community.  In these times of tremendous need in our community, we would like to challenge individuals and groups to creatively promote and support the ministry of Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries.

“And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

This beautiful expression of God’s expectations of His followers makes it clear we are to seek what is just in God’s sight, to love acts of mercy on behalf of those in need and in despair, and to walk in the grace and humility of God’s leadership, best illustrated through the life of Jesus Christ.

Care Cafe
Care Cafe’ at Our Savior  Lutheran Church, Gatlinburg

Whether you response to this call to mercy  is a one-time project or a committed long-term involvement,  we look forward to working together for our community.

CHURCHES : Since SMARM is always available to serve all people in our community, we would ask you to join us in this project to raise funds for SMARM in our ministry to rescue the poor and needy in Christ’s name or by acts of service in His name. Any fund-raising project or other project you would like to initiate through your church or church organizations  can be promoted in partnership with SMARM.  We will be happy to speak at your church or help you with materials or even to assist with volunteer help. God can perform mighty works for the needy of our community through the powerful obedience to Micah 6:8. WE WOULD LOVE TO WORK TOGETHER WITH YOU !


BUSINESSES : SMARM would love to partner with your business to give you an opportunity to serve your community in a powerful way by meeting needs of the less fortunate and to assist many overwhelmed by crippling unemployment, health issues and/ or disasters of life. This includes many families and children impacted through no fault of their

The JEEP CREW organizers present a check to SMARM

SMARM received the donation after the FIRST

Jeep-Tober Fest in Sevierville!!

Jeep-Tober Fest Donates to SMARM
Jeep-Tober Fest Donates to SMARM

Thanks to the Jeep Crew and Collier Restaurant Group for all they did to make this a great event!!!

Citizens National Bank donates to SMARM

CNB Donates to SMARM as Major Sponsor

In the past, we have emphasized “One Night of Mercy’” which enabled primarily the hotel and motel industry to support SMARM’s ministries by contributing $1.00 per unit utilized during the night of emphasis, traditionally at Labor Day. We found that this cut out many businesses like restaurants or retailers who also desired to be a part of the emphasis on God’s Mercy and who wished to demonstrate their love for the community by serving many in need through SMARM.


Businesses can choose one day or night to give SMARM receipts or a percentage of receipts for a week or a month, or businesses can choose to contribute a lump sum as their involvement in this challenge, or employees may wish to dedicate their time as a mission volunteer at SMARM and see all that we do as an organization, all totally non-profit to benefit the needy of our community in Christ’s name.


 T.G.I. FRIDAY’S, Sevierville, employees donate funds to SMARM in place of their employee Christmas Party.

Titanic Crew Donates to SMARM



Food City Donation 2

Food City donates gift cards to help in emergency situations



Winter Coat Day Volunteer
Tennessee State Bank Volunteer helps sort coats for Winter Coat Day 

We would love to meet with any business or talk with you personally  about any idea you have to be an active part of serving this community. We are not asking for a donation as much as we are asking you to partner with us though monetary contributions or acts of service to impact our community and to fulfill God’s command to us through Micah 6:8—“To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.”





INDIVIDUALS: Join us in acts of service or as a volunteer, or in committing yourself to financial support for SMARM. The opportunities for you are endless. We would love you to come by our office or thrift store and see what we do and for you to see how you might want to serve God through our mission at SMARM. Everything we do we do in the name of Jesus Christ. We serve people and we witness to them in the name of Christ, no strings attached.

Baby blankets
Baby blankets

“Heart Sisters”, a group of women who meet annually for a retreat, donate the proceeds from their recent retreat’s Silent Auction.

Pittman Center School donates coats
Pittman Center School donates coats for Winter Coat Day 2015
Jake Donates coats given at his birthday party for Winter Coat Day
Jake Parton donates coats gathered at his recent birthday party for Winter Coat Day 2015

We are known through our assistance to people by helping families pay bills in times of hardship, in seeking temporary shelter for the homeless and near homeless, including veterans, by our “Hot Meals for Hungry Hearts” programs, our provisions of clothing for all needy including victims of disaster and through many other areas of service including Christian counseling and mentoring. We wish to expand our services to the needy in these very challenging economic times.

SEVIER COUNTY—-JOIN US IN FULFILLING THE MICAH 6:8 CHALLENGE. Just think what we can do as a community of caring individuals, churches, businesses and organizations all working together to accomplish the MICAH 6:8 CHALLENGE:



Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries

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Corner of Court Avenue and Cedar Street
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PO Box 5968 • Sevierville, TN • 37864
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Demonstrating the Love of Christ by serving individuals and families at their moment of need.