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Stories of the neighbors we see and their stories and how SMARM is able to help.

SMARM Stories – Assistance for Utility Bill

A recent family came to SMARM for assistance for a delinquent utility bill. They had gotten an extension on their scheduled “cut off” and were desperate to keep their electricity on for their 3 children. Each of them had jobs that were affected by COVID with closures and low hours.  The couple was able to find full-time employment together in a Christian environment, SMARM was able to pay their past-due electric bill and they were hopeful of a brighter future for their family.


SMARM Stories – Mother’s Housing Affected by COVID

SMARM recently had a single mother of two come in for rental assistance.  She had been working as a server in a local restaurant until the pandemic caused closure. Her children were also school-age and were home while school as well.  During this time, she was able to secure her “dream job” as a cake decorator at a local grocery store and has full-time employment. There was a lapse of time between jobs causing her the inability to fully pay her her rent. SMARM was able to help her with a portion of her past-due rent so she could keep housing for her and her children.


SMARM Stories – Caring Families

November 4, 2020

While an employee was working in the Treasures From the Heart Thrift Store a customer started a quick conversation.  They mentioned the reason they donate to our ministry is because “every penny of the proceeds goes to help those who live in Sevier County.”

SMARM is thankful and blessed for every donation we receive through our Thrift Store, we are grateful for each of our donors!!


SMARM – Assistance when needed.

A mother, father, a teenager, and two adult children were struggling to pay an electric bill. The only working person was the father and the reason they were behind was he had recent surgery and was out of work two weeks. What a wake-up call that should be if the children aren’t contributing to support the family. After our conversation with mom we reluctantly agreed to pay a portion of the past-due bill.

SMARM Stories – Aid in Grief

A recently widowed mother and her two children requested assistance to pay a delinquent electric bill. The tragic part of the request is that the death of her young husband was just
a few days ago and everything is an emergency. We paid her electric bill and offered encouragement to a young mother who had this unexpected tragedy. Her exclamation was she couldn’t believe she was a widow at age thirty-four with two small children,.
what a loss.

SMARM Stories – Utility Assistance

A mother with two small children and an ailing mother needing assistance to pay an electric deposit. The father of the children left in early spring and the grandmother moved in to help with expenses and childcare. The grandmother, even-though with ailments, is working. The husband had been the provider of expenses but no more and
the family was having to relocate and having to provide all deposits for the new residence. SMARM provided the electric deposit she asked for.


SMARM Stories – Rental Assistance

The economic problems of declining jobs hits everywhere but especially hard in the resort type markets. We had a lady who returned from another state to seek employment in our area. Since she had lived here before she was successful an obtained a job in just a day or two. However the restaurant has cut her hours but hopefully will increase them with the upcoming rod runs. She had been living out West and the casino where she worked changed owners and everyone was terminated. Similar to the thousands laid
off in the Atlantic City casinos Labor Day. We helped to pay her rent as requested.