SMARM Stories – Aid in Grief

A recently widowed mother and her two children requested assistance to pay a delinquent electric bill. The tragic part of the request is that the death of her young husband was just a few days ago and everything is an emergency. We paid her electric bill and offered encouragement to a young mother who had […]

SMARM Stories – Utility Assistance

A mother with two small children and an ailing mother needing assistance to pay an electric deposit. The father of the children left in early spring and the grandmother moved in to help with expenses and childcare. The grandmother, even-though with ailments, is working. The husband had been the provider of expenses but no more […]

SMARM Stories – Rental Assistance

The economic problems of declining jobs hits everywhere but especially hard in the resort type markets. We had a lady who returned from another state to seek employment in our area. Since she had lived here before she was successful an obtained a job in just a day or two. However the restaurant has cut […]