Fire Rescue Hope Challenge – Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministry Challenge

Our Most Recent Update shows us that God is indeed at work through you all.  We have exceeded our challenge and we continue to receive your gifts.  We cannot thank our donors enough.  Keep the challenge going!  Who can you tell about our Hope Challenge.  In the days and weeks ahead we will be serving many who have been affected by the fires.   It is an abundant God we serve in thanksgiving.  Current giving stands at $52,000+

Keep giving, the need is recognized and we are able to help. We give thanks.

hope-challenge-1It is with Thanksgiving we announce the Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministry FIRE RESCUE HOPE CHALLENGE.



Beginning NOW we are receiving donations online and at the Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries office that will be further supported by a generous Sevier County Family who is challenging the community with a $30,000 dollar challenge to help those who are finding themselves with out jobs, homes and businesses.

How can you help?   donate1

Donations are accepted in cash and check at our office at Cedar and Court Street in downtown Sevierville. Please specifically mark your donation the FIRE RESCUE HOPE CHALLENGE

Donations are accepted online and again we ask that you mark your donation as the FIRE RESCUE HOPE CHALLENGE.

We will be launching a campaign to reach the world through social marketing.  If you can share our posts and use the hashtag #hopechallenge we appreciate you.

Lastly you can pray with us. We serve a God of Abundance. Allow God to work through you and donate to our FIRE RESCUE HOPE CHALLENGE.

Thank you to the community of Sevier County and to all who have held us in prayer as we work through this difficult time.